DVD Review: Gods and Men

Review By: Boo Allen

In this fact-based drama presumed to be based on the Cistercian monks of Tibehirine in Algeria, a group of cloistered men must weigh their faith in the face of mounting danger. In the early 1990s, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists began murderous assaults in the area of the monastery. While the French monks have communications with some of the terrorists, the men of the religious order feel their mission of helping the poor of the area and attending to their medical needs supersedes the obvious necessity to leave. Tension mounts as violence continues and the men decide their fates. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (which it should have won).



Rated PG-13, 122 minutes. The DVD, in all formats, includes a 19 minute featurette on “The Sacrificed Tibehirine: Further Investigation, “ and a 41 minute interview with scholar John W. Kiser.



(IMDB.COM has ‘GODS AND MEN’ as an R rating, but there is PG-13 on the disc package)

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