DIFF 2013 Short Film Review: Head Over Heels – An short but enchanting experience

hohmpAnimated short HEAD OVER HEELS showed at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival as was one of the crowd favorites. It won this years Animated Short Grand Jury Prize award.  Stop Motion animation has always seemed a little creepy to me but this films takes that fear and dissolves it. Watching the love bloom again for these two people who share the same house but seem to be in different worlds was an enchanting experience. The colors in this short were rich and inviting; giving the short film a mature, subtle sheen.

‘The idea for HEAD OVER HEELS jumped out at me from Rembrandt’s painting called The Philosopher in Meditation. There’s a spiral staircase in the corner that is symmetrical, as if it could be used by someone living on the ceiling and by someone on the floor.  This image connected with my own experiences of a long-distance relationship, of political disagreement

with friends, of the way love changes over time.  The image of a husband and wife separated by gravity seemed to encompass all of these ideas, and offer some fun possibilities for humor and emotion.’

—Timothy Reckart

HEAD OVER HEELS – Trailer from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.

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