DIFF 2013 Short Film Review: Escape of the Gingerbread Man – A twist on the classic Gingerbread Man story

Escape of the Gingerbread Man movie posterAnimated short ESCAPE OF THE GINGERBREAD MAN showed at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival as was easily one of the easier and more fun shorts to watch. Director/Animator Tod Polson takes the story of the Gingerbread Man and embellishes it with relish taking the little ginger cookie to places we’ve never thought of. Such as a horse race where in the middle of the scene we see human hands moving the figures across the screen because the animator ran out of budget.


A young storyteller challenges the old master in a pub on the Irish west coast. When things take an unexpected turn! Brought to life by Irish comedian/actor Jon Kenny. With original music by traditional Irish band “Rattle the Boards.”  The “Escape of the Gingerbread man” is a mad romp through the Irish countryside. As well as a subtle commentary on the changes in traditions, and culture that is happening throughout the “emerald isle.”

The highlight of the film was actually the Q&A that took place afterwards with Polson who recently relocated to Dallas, TX to work at Reel FX.


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