DIFF 2013 Film Review: Cry

Cry movie still

Review By: Mut Asheru

Filmed in Dallas, CRY tells the story a bullied teenager Carson Johnson (Skyy Moore) struggling to survive his high school torments and a lonely elderly man Cable Malone (Bill Flynn) wrestling with the loss of his wife and his own mortality. When a tragic accident entangles their lives, their budding friendship presents both with a glimmer of hope.

CRY moved along rather slowly in the beginning picking up in action around the mid-way mark. I could tell early on that I most likely would not be fully engaged until the neighbors Cable and Carson fully formed their friendship. I wanted the film to hurry up and get there as I was getting bored with the many bruised body, confused sexuality and young relationship-going-nowhere scenes.

The film came to life when Carson’s gay uncle played by Del Shores and Bill Flynn showed up on screen. It’s difficult to shoot on-the-verge-of-manhood stories without the actors coming across as annoying. After all most young adults think they know everything…and that gets irritating. One of the best (of the many emotional) scenes in the movie comes off a tad bit preachy when Cable is trying to give young Carson some sound advice that boils down to “…grow up”. And of course the young man has no clue what that means.

Well acted and beautifully shot, CRY clicked as a film when it reached its maturity but would have made a much bigger impact as a short instead of a feature length endeavor.

CRY will be shown in the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF 2013) at The Angelika Theater.  For more info go to www.dallasfilm.org.

Run Time, 101 minutes

Director: Clay Luther
Cast: Bill Flynn, Skyy Moore, Del Shores, Cherami Leigh, Erick Lopez, Libby Villari, Grover Coulson, Mackinlee Waddell, Andrea Cohen, Matthew Posey
Screenwriters: Clay Luther
Producers: Erin Nicole Parisi, Jonathan Buchner
Cinematographer: James Burgess
Score: Michael Boss
Editor/s: Matt Stocks, Clay Luther, Lara Woodhull


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