Dallas VideoFest 27 to show featured works directed and produced by Knowshi.com’s very own Gordon K. Smith!


Gordon K. Smith Everyone

VideoFest Dallas 27 is underway and which gives us a few reasons to be happy. Knowshi’s very own film genius Gordon K. Smith has a couple projects included in this year’s festival lineup!

Gordon dons his “Film Director” cape with his satirical “film appreciation” short JUST A CIGAR?  plays on the festival’s closing day October 19 along with A CONVERSATION WITH FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT (captive audience!) at one of our favorite theater houses the Angelika Dallas at 3:15pm

He also has a PSA in the PSA compilation DO THE RIGHT THING II which runs Sunday, October 12, 4:15 p.m. at another one of our movie house favs; Alamo Drafthouse DFW, 100 S Central Expy , Richardson , TX

Last but definitely not least Gordon is producing (as we type) the tribute reel for Ernie Kovacs Award Honoree Harry Shearer. Yes, you read that right Harry Shearer. The Ernie Kovacs Award will be presented to Shearer October 17, 7:15 p.m. at Angelika Dallas.

For more info on all the VideoFest Dallas 27 festival showings visit videofest.org.

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