Concert Review: 2PM “Go Crazy” World Tour in Dallas, TX


Show review by: Mut Asheru

Last night the delicious men of 2PM showed up and showed out in Dallas, TX with their “Go Crazy” World Tour. Since their inception the JYP managed KPOP group have grown as artists. A couple members have released solo albums and they have dabbled in film and the variety show circuit of Korea. They are performers and entertainers. While their outfits are a bit off-putting to my American mind, and their vocals are a bit strained at times one thing is fo sho they put on a great show and give awesome fan service.

With that being said. I paid my own hard earned dollars for this show so I shall proceed to give you an honest review.

The experience was a little over 2 hours in length and had a very intimate feel. It was entertaining, BUT… far from smooth. There were lags in the show that alerted me to the fact that the fellas were winging it. To be fair. This was my first 2PM show experience so maybe that’s how the roll. It felt like the show was free-styled or at the very least thrown together at the last moment. Or perhaps they were jet lagged. Totally understandable. If you’re a 2PM fan, this shouldn’t nor will it bother you as you have a long time to gaze at the adorable faces of these warm and cuddly fellas. Junho (my bias) is cuddly in his own way. The show will most likely get tighter with the next city they visit. I (along with every other female in attendance) would gladly cook everyday for every one of them.

Huge LED screens in effect. Check. Nice one-on-one dialogue time with the crowd. Check.  Washboard abs on display. Checkitty check check check!! The choreography was of course impeccable from beginning to end as they offered up a good number of selections from their repertoire. The arena was nicely packed showing that the group has a very solid support and fan base in Dallas with a large number in attendance driving up from other areas of TX and surrounding states.

A nice surprise was “Superman” from WooYoung’s solo effort. Awesome cut.  In between cuts, the group took time to talk to the audience, tease each other and give some depth and background on the songs they performed.

Would I purchase another ticket? After last night’s show my answer is…YES. That kind of genuine, intimate time with artists you like and may have to wait years to see again is worth it in my opinion.  You will have fun at the show, especially if your aim is to stare at scrumptious looking men with great dance moves who can carry a tune.

If they’re headed your way and you’re thinking of purchasing tickets. Go ahead. You won’t be mad. I’m not.


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