Chris Doubek – That Guy…The One in Everything

Interview By: Mut Asheru

Austin, TX resident and actor Chris Doubek has been a major staple on the indie film festival circuit this year.  He has appeared in indie films THE HAPPY POET, LOVER’S OF HATE, EARTHLING, and HARMONY AND ME which won the special jury prize at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival.  We have affectionately dubbed him “that guy…you know the one in everything”.

If anyone deserves to have a wikipedia page…it’s Chris Doubek.  His expressive green eyes have peered at as from the screens of crowded theaters at Sundance, the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF), SXSW 2010 and beyond.

Doubek, a blessedly busy actor who possesses an easy, accessible charm took time out of his schedule (he was in the midst of filming  two projects at the time of this interview) to speak (and joke) with us about his run in this year’s brightest offerings and what he has coming up.

KNOWSHI:  Did you have to audition for the roles in Lover’s of Hate and The Happy Poet?

Chris:  Actually I did not. That was one of the few times that I haven’t had to. That’s one of the nice things about working in one area for the last 10 years or so is that all these guys saw my work in other student films.

KNOWSHI:  I didn’t realize it until later that Rudy in ‘Lovers of Hate’ although a main character…really, truly doesn’t have a lot of lines but I understood everything that was going on in his mind as if he talked us through it.  How did you prepare for that role as most of your lines were delivered physically?

Chris:  Thank you. I’m much more interested (as a movie watcher) in being able to follow along with the character as in being able to project myself onto the character when I’m watching the film.  I think that’s what you’re doing when you go see a movie…projecting yourself into that situation.  The more you can feel or see the thoughts of the character, I think the more you can live in that world.

So I try to have a lot going on.  I think if someone were to ask me to put in one sentence what it is that I do I would say that I try to be in action more than in words.

KNOWSHI:  What indie films have made your “must-see” list this year?

Chris:   “Winter’s Bone”

KNOWSHI:  Can you let us in on any of your upcoming projects?

Chris:  I just finished Home (The Movie Project) directed by Sean Gallagher.  It was an intense shoot with lots of camaraderie and collaboration.  We completed 24 pages of script during the first overnight.

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