CD Reviews: The Rest of Your Life by Debbie Cunningham

The Rest of Your Life – Debbie Cunningham

By: Mut “I Make Up Words As I Go Along” Asheru

debbie cunningham album jpeg

What a glorious sound Debbie makes on this album.  “The Rest of Your Life” is a collection of timeless jazz classics souped up by Mrs. Cunningham and her talented friends.  What I love about this album is her vocal fearlessness.  She’s not afraid to open her mouth and place the notes exactly where she wants them.  There are a hundreds of “My Funny Valentine” renditions floating around and her sassy version is rather refreshing.  Kudos to John Swana, on trumpet.   The playfulness of the lyrics is echoed in her sensuous delivery.  You can tell she had fun with it.

Each of the 11 tracks on this album are an absolute elegant treat.  “The Way He Makes Me Feel” made me picture myself in a sepia toned reality where everything is sophisticated.  This is a very professional, romantical and sophisticated effort.  Debbie’s voice has a firm command of human emotion.

Anyone that knows me knows that I take my Stevie Wonder very very seriously.  I couldn’t wait to get to “Overjoyed” just to see if she might have messed my boy’s classic up.  NOPE.  She nailed it.  Her backing instrumentalists ( Piano: Barry Sames; Drums: Wilby Fletcher) should be given props here as well for their remarkable musicianship.

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