CD Review: Wolf – Tyler the Creator

Tyler the creator album cover WOLFBy: Carolina Jones

Label: Odd Future Records

It’s good ya’ll. Not great but consistently good. This is the 3rd album and if Tyler the Creator was gonna fall off it would have happened by now. So it’s confirmed with his 3rd CD WOLF that he knows what he’s doing behind and in front of the boards.

His mind operates freely and with this album we can once again tune in and safely tune out and pretend we’re free thinkers too. 18 tracks of “out there” anchored in some sick production is a great way to spend about an hour of your time sometimes and with WOLF that’s what you’re getting. You’ll have fun with the twisted track “Rusty” and the introspective “Cowboy”.

Tyler’s word-play is intricate and while I’m not gonna pretend to understand nearly half of what he says I know that I’ll have a great time hitting rewind or letting the shit roll around again so that I can listen to that lyric…or that lryic…just one more time.


Wolf [Explicit]

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