CD Review: White Bamboo – Clare Means

White Bamboo : Clare Means

By: Mut Asheru

white bamboo clare means

White Bamboo is an excellent album full of delicate melodies and basslines.  Its beautiful heavy melodies are framed by razor sharp lyrics of blame and pain sang softly and sweetly by Clare.  You can tell this woman was exposing her demons and hopefully excorcising them.  White Bamboo is a great album; expertly produced and mixed.  “Everybody’s Room but Mine” (thanks to the haunting electric guitar) is a shining example of how Clare is able to tell a horrible tale of rejection and abandonement very sweetly.  She seduces you into her songs with smokey languid vocals which have the power to transport you to a lazy afternoon making “Angels in the Snow”.  Clare is a storyteller of exceptional talent and her album White Bamboo is a wonderful get.

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