CD Review: Uncharted Territory by Matt Shwachman

Uncharted Territory – Matt Shwachman

By:  Carolina Jones


Wow there is just too much good indie music out there.  Add Matt Shwachman’s ‘Uncharted Territory’ to the list and I do hope I spelled his name correctly.

This is where having an actual hard-copy CD in front of you pays off because yes, I spelled it right.

Matt’s voice is pure and his lyrics even more so.  Uncharted Territory covers just that…the inner landscape and the journey through is done in a feel good popish manner that doesn’t bore.  As a matter of fact it soars and swells with words and chords that should be bottled up and sold to the disenchanted as a effective pick-me-up.

‘Rise Above’ is a tad predictable musically but the guitar in this one makes it all worth it.  Matt’s voice on track ‘Destiny’ is it’s saving grace as it sounds a bit dated for some odd reason, but all that aside every track feels like taking a journey on a pristine, strong and fluffy cloud.

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