CD Review: The Season – Laura Marie. An album with a fiercely beating heart

115721By: Mut Asheru

I had to spend some quality time with this album. I’m a Laura Marie fan but I wanted to clear my head and come at this review objectively. Love for LM aside…I love this album. THE SEASON is Laura Marie’s 3rd solo album and she’s gotten more folksy, country on this album than the previous. THE SEASON is an album with a fiercely beating heart embedded in simple chords and straight-forward vocals. It has a more “live” feel and on tracks like “We Are Liars” you’ll feel as if you’re up front and center in some cozy establishment.

I can’t put my finger on it but the production on this CD is warmer and cozier than the last albums. Laura blesses us with 12 tracks of strong vocals and even stronger lyrics. Her songwriting skill is what impresses me the most this time around. Her lyrics have matured and pull no punches on tracks like “Babylon”, “If You Don’t Feel a Thing”, and “Perfectly Clear”. While “Lunatic Moon” is dreamy and inspirational.

Good job Laura. You have our vote. Again.

*I feel I should note. My favorite tracks on the album are “Dark Horse” and “Everyone Get’s Lonely”. My taste is impeccable so perhaps they’ll be your favorites too. Give em listen.*



The Season

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