CD Review: The Glass Wall – Imani Coppola

Review By: Corbyn Bricie

theglasswallcdcoverThe Glass Wall finds Imani Coppola on the same ground of good shit that she has always been on. This album if anything is more “wide-audience” friendly than her previous works. More pop than punk. The album opens with “State of the Art” a telling track of how she feels about perhaps where she is career wise right now. I don’t know her personally so don’t quote me.

I like “smart ass” Imani but she’s kinda missing from The Glass Wall. However she shows up here and there in a couple places like “Ave Maria”, “Catch 22” and “The Kids are Dangerous”. Her singing is more singy (rather than punk yellish) on this album which is cool as her voice is nice even and expressive. What am I saying? I don’t know. I guess what I would really like to impart is that while this is not the (way out there) Imani I’m used to I wouldn’t mind getting used to this still-kinda-out-there one. I would purchase this one and not feel bad at’tall.

Label: Plush Moon Records

The Glass Wall

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