CD Review: ‘Sexy Beat’ by MBLAQ – Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk

mblaqsexybeatReview by: Mut “yup I said it” Asheru

Okay here we go. MBLAQ’s 5th mini album (or EP as it were) SEXY BEAT is an aptly titled body of work. The sound is decidedly more sexy and smooth than their previous albums. Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk. Each track gets progressively more thick and luscious with each passing beat. Gone is the teenage angst and urgency of their previous works which quite frankly made me tired.

With the help of Primary, Zion T., Simon D, production, writing and delivery stand out on this album (ahem EP) from beginning to end. The fellas vocally shine on “Pretty Girl”, “Celebrate”, “R U OK” and additional smoothed out clubber “Dress Up”. Mir’s silky voiced rhyme on “Pretty Girl” adds the right amount of punch to the track. I can actually here a “group” on this album. Previous efforts highlighted track first and group second. SEXY BEAT refocuses the attention on the artists and gives them each some well-deserved shine time. This is pop with a touch of soul thrown into the mix. The catchy lead single “Smoky Girl” (someone will have to explain what the hell a smoky girl is) is a smoothed out mid-tempo dance track with a catchy bass-line that sinks into your subconscious and doesn’t let go.

The MBLAQ quintet seems to have found their groove with SEXY BEAT and have solidly distanced themselves from the Kpop pack. I won’t comment on who formed them cause I don’t know shit about that. What I do know is good music and this is it. SEXY BEAT houses 5 tracks (and one smoking azz intro) that we can all get sexy to.


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