CD Review: No More Smoking by Shasta

No More Smoking Shasta

By: Corbyn Bricie

This one is for the Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan fans.  By that I mean…if you like your Country/Americana with directly clever lyrics with a socially conscious flare then this one is definitely for you.  Shasta’s “No More Smoking” album is very different. It has plenty of acoustic guitar, some very creative electronic guitar riffs and yes the harmonica is in full effect on track ‘Outside My Window’.  I laughed during ‘It Won’t Reach (My Hose Won’t Reach)’ and also exercised my thinking muscle on tracks like ‘Modern Fixation’ and ‘Chasin’ My Ghost’.  The title track ‘No More Smoking’ covers the smoking ban and is right on with lyrics like, “…no more smoking while you’re drinking, no more smoking while you pee, Well I sure do feel so lucky to be so friggin free.”  On second thought, I think this guy is a rocker at heart…whatever he is he sure knows how to write a song.

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