CD Review: Love Has No Recession by Kindred

Review By: LeLe Symone

For the last decade, Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon, AKA Kindred the Family Soul, have fallen in love, married and raised a family while dropping hit songs about life and relationships. Now, ten years, a web-series (“6 Is It”) and a toddler later, the Philidelphia natives return with their latest CD, Love Has No Recession, and continue building on their unique expertise, except the musical focus has expanded to include the state of the world at large: they lament the dog-eat dog mentality in “We All Will Know,” co-penned by (as well as including vocals by) Raheem DeVaughn, and for those who love poetry, there are some serious spoken word vignettes fleshed out by Ursula Rucker and Coco Brown that underscore the struggle, yet offer hope in the murky process (“Above Water”). “Take a Look Around” is a gritty showcase for Fatin’s commanding vocals and samples a seminal Dr. King speech while describing the perilous plight of the streets. Romance still looms in the air thanks to the Snoop Dogg-featuring groove and latest single, “We Got a Love,” Aja’s tender take on “Sticking With You” and “Magic Happens,” which sounds so old-school that it brings shag carpets, bell bottoms and blue-light basement parties to mind. Not that it’s a dark and depressing CD: “Going to the Go-Go” is an instant party starter kit and pairs Fatin with go-go’s legendary Chuck Brown, and the title track pledges devotion in turbulent times of doubt and despair.

Just as impassioned as their last CD, 2008’s The Arrival, but broader in range and relevancy, Love…. Should delight their loyal fan base and attract new listeners ready for conscious lyrics, contemporary themes and sho’ nuff, straight-up soul.

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