CD Review: Little Flowers by Antonis Ladopoulos

Little Flowers – Antonis Ladopoulos

Review By: T. Mathenia


“Little Flowers” is a wonderful testament to jazz expressions where the musicians deliver fine performances and are kind enough to sprinkle the album with superb solo interpretations on each of their respective instruments.

There are ten healthy five-minute plus songs on this CD.  Antonis Ladopoulos is responsible for the arrangements on all tracks.  Each piece will appeal to different jazz listeners for different reasons.  This album is rich in imagery, tone and bursts of passionate energy.  ‘Promenade’ and ‘Consciousness’ rank high in sax, drums and piano performance.

Title track ‘Little Flowers’ is elegant and smooth cool.    Another wonderful nugget of goodness is when vocalist Alex Affolter is allowed to pour his vocals on certain tracks throughout the album.


Piano: John Kistsopoulos; Drums & Percussion: George Polychronakos; Acoustic & Electric Bass: George Georgiadis; Keyboards: Kostas Kostarakis; Alto Sax: Antonis Ladopoulos

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