CD Review: Learn to Crawl by Jen Lewin

Learn to Crawl – Jen Lewin

Review By:  T. Mathenia


Okay let’s begin with ‘Me Post-You’ from Jen Lewin’s phenomenal jazz vocal album.  Not your boring, run of the mill coffee house gentle jazzy notes kind of strung together into a totally forgettable experience, this song is down right mesmerizing.  “Lean to Crawl” has the most funky beated feel to it that I have heard from a jazz artist in a long while.


Jen’s voice is amazing.  Her turn of phrases are intuitive and well done.  She places her voice in the right place at the right time at the right pitch each and every time on this EP.  Her music is downright sexy and belies a grown confident tigress ready to pounce on the ears of any un-expectant musical traveler.  The piano dips and soars.  But I just gotta give her drummer some on this and say thanks for providing the drive in such an eloquent fashion.  I’m not saying this album will change your life but damn if it doesn’t make it more inviting and stylish.

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