CD Review: Last of the Ones – Laura Marie

Last of the Ones : Laura Marie

By: Mut Asheru

Holy catharsis batman!  Laura Marie’s album Last of the Ones is a musical medicinal that soothes and emboldens on the first listen.  This album, produced by Mack Damon is strong and focused.  We first met and fell for Laura on her Drawn album.  That was ’07.  Laura’s songwriting and voice while still touching and poignant have both grown in strength to reveal the lush and ripe angels that rest in her throat and mind.  “What It’s Like” is an honest look into ones weaknesses mirrored in another strengths.  She’s not begrudgingly comparing herself in a downward depressed motion.  Instead she simply wonders what it would be like to be that wonderful, adventuresome person and by the end of the song you hope she gets the chance to find out.  Laura and her trusty acoustic guitar infuses tracks “Find a Way” and “Love You Like Me” with a light and happy folk sheen that reminds you to take things one day at a time.  Her title track “Last of the Ones” is already a classic in my book.  Truly one of the best albums we’ve come across this year.

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