CD Review: Inside My Head by Clare Reynolds

Inside My Head – Clare Reynolds

By: Corbyn Bricie


Does the world have any more room for angel voiced songstresses?  I certainly hope so because debut album “Inside My Head” by Clare Reynolds is a testament to what a sweet voice can do for your mood and heart.  Think Sarah Maclaughlin but a tad bit more upbeat.  The album has been five years in the making as Clare took time to live life and share her very real experiences with us.  Her songwriting is clear and simple.  Her voice is steady and beautiful.  This is not an album for bitter hearts and minds.  It’s for those that have learned from and are made happier by life’s lessons.  The tracks that stood out to me were ‘Inside My Head’, ‘Time to Love’ and ‘Garden of Hope’.  “Inside My Head” is a wonderfully strong first effort.



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