CD Review: Hollywood – Pacific Coast Band

Review By: T. Mathenia

pacificcoastbandacOkay you absolutely have to be in the mood for this one.  You have to be freakishly clear about what you’re getting ready to listen to before you listen.  This is not the CD to listen to on a whim…unless you’re whim catches you in a hippishly good mood.  This is happy, trippy music folks.  This album is reminiscent of the days of un-polluted sunshine.  “Hollywood” by Pacific Coast Band is dangerously live and let lovish.  Production wise the sound is tight and well placed but a bit too safe.  I get it guys. This is an old-school sound that is meant to remind us of and transport us to happier times when lyrics, melodies and harmonies were simple and to the point.  For those of you who like comparisons think Polyphonic Spree.


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