CD Review: Evolution by Saiah

Evolution – Saiah

By: Skeeta Diggs

saiah evolution cd cover jpeg

Hip Hop artist Saiah’s wordplay on “Evolution” is set at a nice pace with some creativity to his turn of phrase.  He has the rare ability (at least these days) to convey his thoughts without gratuitous use of cursewords.  “Evolution” is full of positive imagery that isn’t preachy like on track ‘Dead or Alive’.  It’s street friendly without being negative. Refreshing. 

However, I must point out that the track quality is not the best and the beats are elementary and dull.  The only thing that kept me listening was Saiah and wondering what he was going to say next and how he was going to say it.  He also has some nice sing-song hooks on his tracks ‘H8’ and ‘Famous’.  I see his vision.  I like his vision.  I just don’t like his beats.

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