CD Review: Everything Coincidental by John Tinger

Everything Coincidental – John Tinger

By: Mut Asheru


John Tinger has gone from a rock musician to an acoustic ambient mood enhancer.  His album “Everything Coincidental” is soothing and quietly stimulating.  The tendency with most ambient acoustical efforts is to become dull thorough fare that doesn’t audibly enhance and is easily forgettable.  Here Tinger sets himself apart from the pack.  Only 5 tracks in and I feel ready to conquer the world (or at least myself).

I found myself picking up the CD and looking at the tracklisting so that I could make sure I knew which track I was listening to.  I also actually took the time to add those illustrious stars to his track rating in iTunes.  It also become one of those discs that friends and family bet not touch or ask to borrow.  Hell naw…this sweet, soul edifying album is mine.  The only thing I don’t like about the album is the pre-historic looking fish on the album artwork.  It scares me.  But seriously, if you want to connect with your center “Everything Conicidental” is an excellent place to start.”

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