CD Review: Drowning by Before Dawn

Drowning – Before Dawn

By:  T. Mathenia


Before Dawn an Austin, TX based duo has delivered a complexingly simple new wave album called Drowning.  Rob Houle and Kate Arpke have created an album is full of rich layers.  There’s the New Wave feel which rests firmly in electro beats that are driving and hypnotic.  Rob Houle’s voice is a murky blend of emotional tremble and fierce seriousness that is reminiscent Adam Ant.  The keyword here is reminiscent as Houle’s voice has more soaring range to it.  Like another male/female duo Mr. Gnome, it’s hard to believe that it’s just two people creating such a thick and robust yet perky sound.

Where ‘Lover’ has a definite electro feel to it, ‘Score’ is more rock influenced.  The guitar riffs on ‘Drowning’ are strong and catchy while Kate and Rob’s vocals combine to lend an urgent feel to the tune that boils the blood and escalates the senses.



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