CD Review: Desde Barranquilla -Corazon Latino

By:  Mut Asheru


Whew, I feel brand new after listening to this.  So much good music out there and this group is surely doing it’s part to make sure we’re not left wanting in the good music department.  All the guest vocalists on this album are perfectly placed.  With traditional instruments and vocal arrangements, this album sports an Afro-Cuban feel that is light but packs serious talent.  All parts fit together nicely with nothing outshining the other.  Chants are nestled nicely into rhythmic grooves and then BAM outta nowhere comes a gripping horn on track ‘Oba’.   Another surprising twist on this album is ‘Mentiras’.  Is it soul?  Is it Jazz?  Is it world?  Yes, it’s all of these things.  Corazon Latino are all of these things.  Their music is a party and we’re all invited!

Corazon Latino is a partnership of musicians from Colombia and Switzerland. DESDE BARRANQUILLA is their second album and it brings listeners the sound of the Colombian coast using a rich mix of traditional instruments, infectious rhythms and original songs composed by the group.

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