Gaming Review: Arcana Heart – Reminding you to play good games

Arcana Heart: PS2 Developers: Examu Inc. Publishers: Examu Inc., AQ Interactive, Atlus Platforms: Arcade, PlayStation 2 Game Review by:  Ifakoya English Okay. I don’t rightly know why I own this game. I don’t even recall when I got it. It was either acquired through the less embarrassing method of ordering it online, or though the […]

Game Rememberance: “Fantomu Bureibu” – Phantom Brave…still awesome

Written by: Ifakoya English Another entry within my rather extensive rpg game library Phantom Brave is another one of those games that makes me believe it is perfect, even though it is far out of my usual “I WILL KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!” RPG style of gaming. This game is one of the most innocent, […]