Film Review: ‘Stories We Tell’ a documentary about an extramarital affair here or there and a secret love child

Film Review by: Mut Asheru The documentary STORIES WE TELL tells the story of a mother’s mistakes and the questions that are left in the aftermath of her passing. STORIES WE TELL is a glimpse at how our individual stories are shaped by the stories of others. Oscar nominated Director Sarah Polley, endeavors to shed […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Laurence Anyways. Visually delicious,…the camera loves and devours the entire cast

By: Mut “whom else”Asheru Yeah. So we totally loved this film. Over 2.5 hours long and we remained engaged and enthralled from beginning to end. LAURENCE ANYWAYS directed by Xavier Dolan is visually delicious. The camera loves and devours the entire cast in a richness that is truly stunning. The films tagline is “Will the […]

Film Review: Cherry directed by Jeffrey Fine

Cherry Director: Jeffrey Fine Movie Review By: Carolina Jones What?!?  Didn’t see this one comming.  At the beginning of the film I figured I knew where this was going.  But in the end I didn’t.  I like it better when I don’t know.  So with that said…yup I liked this one too. Aaron Milton (Kyle […]