Documentary review: “My Love, Don’t Cross that River”… is what long-lasting love looks like

Review by: Mut Asheru Love is real and Jin Mo-young’s documentary “My Love, Don’t Cross that River” proves it. The film captures the last moments of elderly couple’s Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol’s last moments of their 76 year marriage. Yes, you read me right. 76 years! And they were just as lovey-dovey cute as […]

Film review: “Amy” a powerful documentary for the 24/7 video age

Film review by: Gordon K. Smith A powerful documentary for the 24/7 video age, Asif Kapadia’s AMY follows the short, sweet, and sad life of British soul singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse from the age of 14 until her tragic, yet unsurprising, death in 2011, officially from alcohol poisoning.  The fact that most of this period is […]

Documentary Review: “KT – Man” by Director Lee Jin-woo. Ambiguous but enjoyable

Review by: Mut Asheru KT – Man is a documentary about one man’s lifelong dedication to his company. Director Lee Jin-woo shadows his father through his last days of working for telecommunications company KT and into forced retirement. The company began as “The Ministry of Information and Communication” or MIC and was a ministry of […]

Actor / Director Joe Manganiello and Producer Nick Manganiello attend the USA Film Festival’s Dallas premiere of the new film LA BARE

By: Mut Asheru Ever wonder what goes on the minds and lives of male entertainers? Here’s your chance to take a candid look. “La Bare, The True Stories Behind Magic Mike” is a documentary about the diverse men behind the film “Magic Mike” starring Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. It rolls out the story of […]

Film Review: “Nora Noh” – Korean Documentary Tells the Story of Korea’s First Female Ground-Breaking Designer

Review by: Mut Asheru Documentary NORA NOH, directed by  Kim Sung-hee attempts to capture and highlight the living Korean fashion legend Ms. Nora Noh herself. But to quote a classic line “how do catch a cloud and pin it down?”.  She was the first person ever to hold a fashion show in Korea and to […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: ‘3 Acres in Detroit’ – A short film about two urban gardeners who want to make Detroit a little greener

Review by: Mut Asheru A short film playing at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival that deserves a little recognition in our opinion is 3 ACRES IN DETROIT. It’s actually more like a short documentary which for around 12 minutes endeavors to shed a little light on the passion project of Donnie. It opens at […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: “We from Dallas” – music doc showcasing the Dallas, TX Hip-Hop culture

Written by: Mut Asheru WE FROM DALLAS is a “grand reveal” type of music documentary showcasing the Dallas, TX Hip-Hop culture. Directed by Teddy Cool, this doc attempts to chronicle the Dallas Hip-Hop scene starting with the early 1980s until today. The history is solid. The research is solid. Of course, the director couldn’t touch […]

Documentary Review: “Brooklyn Rocksteady” – details the ska/rocksteady scene in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the late 80s to early 90s

Review by Mut Asheru, This is a doc made by a director with a distinct love for the “rocksteady” musical genre. If you’re not into the history of Reggae music you probably won’t be familiar enough with the subject to remain engaged throughout the duration of the film. BROOKLYN ROCKSTEADY, directed by Sam Gursky details […]

Film Review: “Blackfish” a chilling and eye opening look into the life of Orcas dubbed Killer Whales at popular sea parks

Playing at the Angelika Theater, August 2  Review by: T. Mathenia The documentary BLACKFISH by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a chilling and eye opening look into the life of Orcas dubbed Killer Whales at popular sea parks. As magnificent as the animals are one does have to wonder what living life in captivity would do to their […]

Music Documentary Review: ‘Turn It Up to Eleven 2: Wild Days, 2012’ about Korean rock band ‘Galaxy Express’

Review by: Mut Asheru Synopsis Galaxy Express is a Korean rock band that departs for a U.S. tour, the home of rock, to go on a solo tour holding an incredible but grueling 19 concerts within three weeks. Review I noticed early on in this documentary that a smile was plastered on my face. Why? […]