Music Feature Flashback:Dan Sistos – In The Midnight Hours

By: Mut Asheru If you’re not a lover within the first few strums of Sistos’s guitar then I truly don’t understand what you are doing with your life.  Maybe it’s hard for some to step outside of their preferred listening zone and embrace listening across borders but for most of us music is an omni-auditory […]

CD Review: Desde Barranquilla -Corazon Latino

By:  Mut Asheru   Whew, I feel brand new after listening to this.  So much good music out there and this group is surely doing it’s part to make sure we’re not left wanting in the good music department.  All the guest vocalists on this album are perfectly placed.  With traditional instruments and vocal arrangements, this […]

Sonic Bloom: Ricardo Garcia

Of Andalucian origin, Ricardo’s family left for France during the Franco years. Flamenco was a way of holding on to roots and the whole family was brought up within the tradition: His Uncle Antonio taught him guitar and Ricardo started performing with his family.Ricardo’s first public performance was at the age of nine and he […]

CD Review: “Boricuas On Fire” by Psycho’s Lab

Review by: Corbyn Bricie Totally in Spanish.  Latin fire-flavored “Boricuas On Fire” is full of hotly tinged beats.  This is some of the best hip-hop production we’ve heard in a while.  Everything is paced and leveled nicely.  If their goal is to put butts on the dance floor they’ve succeeded.  Absolutely lovin the hooks on […]

CD Review: ‘Monkish’ by Instrumentalist / Vocalist Acho Brother

Review By: Carolina Jones Acho Brother’s MONKISH album released by Spanglish Records is by far one of the best CDs we’ve experienced.  We do not say this lightly.  Every track on this album is awesome.  A wonderful blend of acoustic guitar with an electronica blend, Monkish is a journey into the heart.  A vocal and […]