Look-Hear of the Week: The Bodega Brovas – “Les Warning” (nsfw)

Music Interview: Indie Hip-Hop artist Klassik – You need in him in your life

By: Mut Asheru Hello Everyone. It’s time to introduce you to some good music. Even though our filters are set to let in a wide array of ear candy from all manner of musicians it sometimes gets difficult to actually hear over the music (ala Eric Roberson). It takes a mighty noise to rattle our […]

LookHear: Isaiah Rashad – ‘Heavenly Father’ (NSFW)


Music Interview: Hip-Hop Group Bone Thugz N Harmony on now being 100 percent in harmony

Written by: Melody Charles Two American Music Awards, One Grammy Award, millions in CD sales and nearly 20 years in the hip-hop industry: for the men of Bone Thugz N Harmony, their success as taste-makers and performers has surpassed their wildest dreams, but as far as Wish Bone is concerned, he and Krayzie, Layzie, Flesh […]

Sonic Bloom: Davy Jones “NEO TEMPUS” ft. Jack

single below: f. JACK, “DAVY JONES” from the album “Yours Sincerely” out now Toronto rapper/producer Neo Tempus presents “Davy Jones”, his self-produced new single from Yours Sincerely, his new album featuring Richard MacDougal, Dubb, and Canadian singer/songwriter Jack, who guests on “Davy Jones”. Tempus produced “When I Was Young”, a song by Aftermath artist Jon […]

Sonic Bloom: YAMIN…and we mean that!

Sooo yeah, thanks goes out to James Dunn over at dunndealPR for onct again turnin us on to somethin nice and fresh. And now…because we love and care for your earholes…we’re hoping to turn you onto this artist as well. Yamin Semali ladies and gentlemen. This is totally safe for work. East Point, GA native Yamin, […]

CD Review: Wolf – Tyler the Creator

By: Carolina Jones Label: Odd Future Records It’s good ya’ll. Not great but consistently good. This is the 3rd album and if Tyler the Creator was gonna fall off it would have happened by now. So it’s confirmed with his 3rd CD WOLF that he knows what he’s doing behind and in front of the […]

Sonic Bloom: Harn SOLO feat. Tha Cartel – Monumental

Thanks to James over at Dunn Deal PR for keeping us in the know. This flow and beat reminds us… Harn SOLO feat. Tha Cartel – Monumental

Sonic Bloom: Morgan Page – “In the Air” [rEMIx] Prod by TK Other Realm

Crazy world we live in, yeah? Something’s gotta give and with the ear of beat-assemblers like T.K. Other Realm, perhaps we’ll hear more life given than that taken. The Oakland producer brings his perspective of sound to what is happening in our world with vocals presented by popular house and electro DJ, Morgan Page and […]

Feature: Eleven : The Ego Crusher

Q&A By: Mut The bio part is by his team. Well look at what we’ve gone and did.  We’ve fooled around and found something for you. Eleven was born in the Bronx, New York and literally into the world Hip Hop.  At a very young age, like so many 80s babies, he was drawn to […]