CD Review: ‘Define Believe’ by Zeph Allen

Review by: Corbyn Bricie So we have a thing about resetting musical compasses right now. We’ve been blessed to come across some very strong indie albums this year and Zeph Allen’s DEFINE BELIEVE is another breath of fresh air. What wins for Allen is his simple lyrics. Nestled in their simplicity is wake up sign […]

Music Interview: Levi Weaver – Resetting and Redirecting Our Musical Compass

By: Mut “It’s All in How You Say It” Asheru As I write this Levi Weaver, whose songs about self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance  is back in the studio working on some additional sonic goodies for us.  In the meantime, we have all the wonderful works he already blessed us with to reflect upon and marinate […]

CD Review: The Season – Laura Marie. An album with a fiercely beating heart

By: Mut Asheru I had to spend some quality time with this album. I’m a Laura Marie fan but I wanted to clear my head and come at this review objectively. Love for LM aside…I love this album. THE SEASON is Laura Marie’s 3rd solo album and she’s gotten more folksy, country on this album […]

CD Review: Hollywood – Pacific Coast Band

Review By: T. Mathenia Okay you absolutely have to be in the mood for this one.  You have to be freakishly clear about what you’re getting ready to listen to before you listen.  This is not the CD to listen to on a whim…unless you’re whim catches you in a hippishly good mood.  This is […]

Sonic Bloom: Coyo – Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes

COYO: Of Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes We won’t even pretend to be knowledgeable enough to review their music.  But we think you should know them…So here’s their bio. Coyo’s magical rhythms of the hand drums, melodic voice of the acoustic guitar and penetrating ethereal callings of the wood flute are captivating audiences young […]

Music Interview: Niklas Hegfalk – A Dull Delight but in an Awesome Way.

Interview By: Mut Asheru Swedish artist Niklas Hegfalk recorded his debut solo project “At One with the Tide” mostly at his home studio in Malmo, Sweden.  Truly a testimony to heartfelt angst brought about by luv and it seems a healthy dose of depression, but hope also rears its dogged head from time to time […]

CD Review: Inside My Head by Clare Reynolds

Inside My Head – Clare Reynolds By: Corbyn Bricie   Does the world have any more room for angel voiced songstresses?  I certainly hope so because debut album “Inside My Head” by Clare Reynolds is a testament to what a sweet voice can do for your mood and heart.  Think Sarah Maclaughlin but a tad bit […]

CD Review: Last of the Ones – Laura Marie

Last of the Ones : Laura Marie By: Mut Asheru Holy catharsis batman!  Laura Marie’s album Last of the Ones is a musical medicinal that soothes and emboldens on the first listen.  This album, produced by Mack Damon is strong and focused.  We first met and fell for Laura on her Drawn album.  That was ’07.  […]

Artist Feature: Kim Townsend – Just Because

About a year ago we found Kim Townsend on and knew this Texas talent needed her day in illustrious pages of Unsigned The Magazine (UTM).  But alas, a years worth of declining ad sales and bushel of lost writers later we finally have the ability to give this sweet sounding, wonderful songwriter her feature.  […]

Artist Feature: Dave T Jones – Scratch the Surface a Bit

By: Scott Osborn When you catch sight of the 20-something Dave T. Jones, you see yet another unshaven, tattooed slacker, dressed down for effect, easy label fodder as the fruit of our angst-ridden culture and taboo-loving media.  But that conclusion can only be described as, at its kindest, premature. Scratch the surface a bit, and […]