LookHear: “Love Song” by Jagga

CD Review: “Oblivion Hymns” by Hammock – You need some light ambient in your life and this is a great place to get it

CD Review by: Corbyn Bricie A blissful entry into the world of light ambient music, OBLIVION HYMNS by Hammock doesn’t meander around hoping to offer itself as a pick me up. It scoops you up for a piggyback ride immediately. And around track two ‘Then the Quiet Explosion’ you’re floating blissfully and happily amongst the […]

Feature: Public Jones – All Over the Place Music

Intro By: T Mathenia Okay so I came across this group in my quest for the new and undefinable.  By undefinable, I mean ‘what the hell genre is this’?  I love groups that force me to dig deep and try to name them and ultimately fail and shrug my shoulders.  So without further words, and […]

Sonic Bloom : Costanza

Prepare to be taken over softly and swiftly by Costanza’s voice and music. Sonic Diary marks the Italian multimedia artist’s first full length album since being the featured vocalist on tripnotic artist TRICKY’s Vulnerable album. Sonic Diary is a collection of fan favorite tracks from her previous EP, 3 wild electronica covers (including Johnny Cash […]

CD Review: ‘Monkish’ by Instrumentalist / Vocalist Acho Brother

Review By: Carolina Jones Acho Brother’s MONKISH album released by Spanglish Records is by far one of the best CDs we’ve experienced.  We do not say this lightly.  Every track on this album is awesome.  A wonderful blend of acoustic guitar with an electronica blend, Monkish is a journey into the heart.  A vocal and […]