CD Review: ‘Unwed Mothers’ by Unwed Mothers

Review by: Corbyn Bricie Hot diggity-doggon-damn. Unwed Mothers’ self-titled CD UNWED MOTHERS is rock/blues/soul that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Usually, our reviewer opinions don’t necessarily represent the moods and feelings of the entire staff. I’m not always excited enough by what I hear to share it with everyone. But this album is something entirely […]

Music Interview: Levi Weaver – Resetting and Redirecting Our Musical Compass

By: Mut “It’s All in How You Say It” Asheru As I write this Levi Weaver, whose songs about self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance  is back in the studio working on some additional sonic goodies for us.  In the meantime, we have all the wonderful works he already blessed us with to reflect upon and marinate […]

CD Review: The Season – Laura Marie. An album with a fiercely beating heart

By: Mut Asheru I had to spend some quality time with this album. I’m a Laura Marie fan but I wanted to clear my head and come at this review objectively. Love for LM aside…I love this album. THE SEASON is Laura Marie’s 3rd solo album and she’s gotten more folksy, country on this album […]

CD Review: Hollywood – Pacific Coast Band

Review By: T. Mathenia Okay you absolutely have to be in the mood for this one.  You have to be freakishly clear about what you’re getting ready to listen to before you listen.  This is not the CD to listen to on a whim…unless you’re whim catches you in a hippishly good mood.  This is […]

Sonic Bloom: Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens 4 Reasons Why We’re Watching Him 1.  Pierce has a voice that’s rock-blues-country-animal personified.  Picture that perfect pair of cowboy boots that’s scuffed up and perfectly worn in from the everyday to and fro of life.  Yeah he makes us feel comfortable, scuffed up and worn in.  Something like the feeling you get […]

Film Review: The Dry Land

The Dry Land Director/Writer: Ryan Piers Williams Review By:  Mut “I feel alright today” Asheru When James (Ryan O’Nan) returns home to Texas from Iraq to wife Sarah (America Ferrera), family and friends we start to see very quickly that James suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and that his wife and friends are having a hard […]

CD Review: No More Smoking by Shasta

No More Smoking – Shasta By: Corbyn Bricie This one is for the Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan fans.  By that I mean…if you like your Country/Americana with directly clever lyrics with a socially conscious flare then this one is definitely for you.  Shasta’s “No More Smoking” album is very different. It has plenty of […]

Feature: The Dirty Guv’nahs – Big Songs, Big Sound

By:  Mut Asheru It happens every once in a while.  I come across a band that I immediately become a fan of.  My first instinct is to hunt them down and pepper them with questions.  My second instinct is to sit back and listen, listen and listen some more to find out if I really […]

Interview: Levi Weaver – Sick, Or Determined?

By: Mut “here I go” Asheru Ft. Worth, TX native Levi Weaver has been credited with putting on some fascinating live shows.  Currently residing in Nashville, his introspectively moody tunes have caught the attention of Imogen Heap and many others but he still needs your ear. Born to a rodeo cowboy/ordained minister deep in the […]