Featured Short Film: “The Tea Master” – Short Film by Aaron Au

Short Film of the Week – The Tea Master is the first short film by Director Aaron Au. Shot in  Canada on RED in 2009. Starring Coling Foo, Paul Wu, and Byron Lawson. For more information on the film including awards please visit: teamastermovie.com See larger image The Filmmaker’s Eye: Learning (and Breaking) the Rules […]

Featured Film Short: “Skin” – A short film directed by Jordana Spiro

Short Film of the Week  – SKIN A child taxidermist, an outsider in his small town, is entranced by a girl who finds his work beautiful. But just as their relationship begins to progress, he does something that drastically changes everything.

Featured Short: “The Bicycle” – A short film by Chris McCoy & Adam Neustadter

Cast: Shawn Christensen, Lou Bernstein, Sarah Heyward, Michael C. Hsiung, Tim Bennett, Chris McCoy, Tom Sykes, & Ivy Strohmaier. Matthew Waterson as the voice of The Bicycle. Director of Photography: Todd Banhazl 1st AC: Justin Cameron 2nd AC: George Nienhuis Costume Designer: Audrey Neustadter Art Department: Jake Frank Editor: Adam Neustadter Sound Design: Elliot Thompson […]

Short Film Review and Feature: Korean indie “App Sapiens” by director Ko Hyun-chang

Review by: Mut Asheru One of our favorite independent shorts so far this year is APP SAPIENS (viewable below in English subtitles) by director Ko Hyun-chang. It’s Sci-fi – social-political in all the right places. The thought of how connected we are to our technology will continue to be the stuff of dreams and great […]

Featured Short Film: “Dinner” by Writer / Director John Buchanan

We didn’t see it coming! Check out DINNER,  this week’s featured short film. Clocking in  @ 6min of showtime “Dinner” just completed a run at the London City Film Festival and is worth the time. “Dinner” tells the troubling-ly amusing story of a skilled predator who preys on vulnerable young women, using an innocent dinner […]

Featured Short Film: “The Future Committee” by Paul Stone

The Future Committee (Short Film) from Paul Stone on Vimeo. Script, casting, and directing…it’s all here. We highly recommend Paul Stone’s “The Future Committee” for your viewing pleasure. SYNOPSIS: Sooner or later, everything gets replaced. But the experience of “being replaced” varies depending on what you are. Living creatures get old, and give way to […]

Featured Short Film: “Highpoint Pool” by Dayla Kennedy

Highpoint Pool from Dayla Kennedy on Vimeo Set in the 1980’s a young boy makes a final plea to President Reagan, on behalf of his love interest, to stop the building of a tract home development that will replace their existing community pool. Shot 35mm anamorphic in 1999, Highpoint Pool was eventually completed in 2013 […]

Short Film: “Hooked” by Stuart Howe

Hooked from Stuart Howe on Vimeo. This short really touched us. Great piece of work all the way round. The cinematography is top notch and they nailed the script and casting! Log on to vimeo and give the filmmakers a good word when you get the chance. Guaranteed you’ll watch this one without regrets.  – […]

Chapter 5: Miracle – A Short Film by Ryan Booth

This is a continuation of the previous four chapters. Feel free to catch up: Chapter One: The Cabbie – vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/8595246 Chapter Two: Job Security – vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/9394817 Chapter Three: The Beach – vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/10363683 Capter Four: Allison – vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill/videos/11434588

from Christopher Guinness – POTHOUND: 2012 Vimeo Awards Finalist

POTHOUND – 2012 Vimeo Awards Finalist from Christopher Guinness on Vimeo.