Film Roundtable: “Orion” – a post-apocalyptic, visually striking film and a David Arquette harsher than we’re used to seeing

By Gordon K. Smith The 2016 Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF 2016), which concluded in April, featured no less than three films with a “post-apocalyptic” theme; the most visually striking of these was ORION, by second-time writer/director Asiel Norton and starring David Arquette in a role harsher than what we’re used to seeing him in.   […]

Filmmaker Interview: RT with “Gimme Shelter” Director Ronald Krauss, Actress Vanessa Hudgens and Kathy Difiore whose real-life work with homeless and pregnant girls in New Jersey inspired the film

Written by: Gordon K. Smith You will find no Hell’s Angels or Rolling Stones in GIMME SHELTER,  the inspirational new movie by writer / director Ronald Krauss, which stars Vanessa Hudgens, again “branching out” from her Disney image (but without twerking).   The fact-based story features the 26-year-old Hudgens convincingly playing a gritty 16-year-old pregnant runaway […]

Filmmaker Roundtable Interview: With “Parkland” Docudrama Director Peter Landesman

Written by Gordon K. Smith Vincent Bugliosi’s massive nonfiction detailing of the JFK assassination, “Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy”,  was later pared down to its first 400 pages and retitled “Four Days in November”.  That book, covering the events immediately surrounding the fatal shots on November 22, 1963 and the 3 […]

Filmmaker Interview: “In a World” – Lake Bell on making her directing debut and the world of voice over’ing

By: Gordon K. Smith IN A WORLD… is a bright and original new comedy, set in a world never before the subject of a fiction film, that of Hollywood’s highly competitive voice over business, those guys – and a very few gals – who narrate movie trailers with stentorian tones guaranteed to make anything look […]

Filmmaker Interview: “Azooma” Korean Film Director Lee Ji-seung

Interview by: Mut Asheru Korean indie film AZOOMA (공정사회) has had a nice run on the film festival circuit this year picking up awards along the way for Writer/Director Lee Ji-seung (이지승) and lead actress Jang Young-nam (장영남 one of our favorites) as her first leading role in a feature film. AZOOMA (click here to […]

Interview with Comedian Jay Chandrasekhar – Coming to Dallas, TX on June 25

Interview by: Jeff Sprick Since his debut with comedy troupe Broken Lizard, comedian Jay Chandrasekhar has gone on to write, act and direct in both film and television. Fans know him as “The Brown Clown” and as part creator of cult comedy hits like Super Troopers, Beerfest and Club Dread. In addition to his feature […]

Independent Filmmaker Spotlight: Vandal Truong on filmmaking, acting, and the strange balancing act of being an artist as well as Asian-American in the film industry

Written By: Mut Asheru We come across them all the time. Independent filmmakers/screenwriters with that certain something whose work gives us goosebumps.  Their promise is palpable. You don’t know why but you expect great things. For us here at Knowshi, Vandal Truong is one of the promising filmmaker/screenwriters we intend to watch and even place […]

Film Review / Interview: ‘The Happy Poet’ directed by Paul Gordon

This review was done by our founding “Unsigned The Magazine” which is no longer in service but we can’t let a good interview go to waste soooo…REEEPOST.  Review below. Review By: Mut “I do this for fun” Asheru This is a comedy about a guy who’s dream is to make tasty healthy food that is […]

Film Director Interview: Bryan Poyser : “Lover’s of Hate”

Written by: Mut Asheru Lover’s of Hate has managed to stir up a lot of love for itself this year on the indie film festival circuit.  The film’s condensed cast of 4 main characters, intense timeline and mainly one shoot location provides the right amount of claustrophobic-ness needed for a crowded love affair that lends […]

Filmmaker Interview: Alejandro Monteverde On His Film “Bella”

Written By: Mut “in love with film” Asheru BELLA, one of the best indie films I’ve had the pleasure of viewing this year came from the mind of Director / Screenwriter Alejandro Monteverde.  Many times we hear from the independent artists that we cover that they pursue their craft for the love. But how many […]