VideoFest 25: Roundtable Day 1 – w/ Media Projects Inc

By Gordon K. Smith Allen and Cynthia Mondell have been making movies in Dallas since forming their own production company, Media Projects, Inc, in 1978. Not ones with zombies, explosions, and car chases, but something better – movies that make changes in the lives of people, so that people can make a difference in the […]

Filmmaker Interview: Film Producer Anand Chandrasekaran on “Tapestries of Hope” Documentary

By: Gordon K. Smith One of the most horrifying aspects of a horrifying epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe (now the world’s most AIDS-infected country) is a prevalent urban myth that infected men there can “cure” themselves by raping virgins, the younger the better.  The result has been thousands of reports of girls, from the age […]

Documentary Filmmaker Interview: Photojournalist Tim Hetherington on “RESTREPO”

Condolences to the family of photojournalist Tim Hetherington. Thank you for taking time out to speak with Knowshi about your film Restrepo when you were here. You are loved. Your professionalism and passion set you miles ahead of the rest. Rest in Peace and Light Tim. RESTREPO: A Gut-Wrenching Documentary of America’s Longest War Written […]

Filmmaker Interview: Director Neal Miller on His Film “Raising Flagg” Starring Alan Arkin

By: Mut Asheru Longtime, independent filmmaker Neal Miller took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak with His current project is RAISING FLAGG a film featuring Alan Arkin, Lauren Holly and Barbara Dana among others. He reveals how the film came together and also opens up about his film career. “Raising Flagg” actually took […]