Filmmaker Interview: Korean Indie “Cats and Dogs’ Director Min Byung-woo

By: Mut Asheru (한국어) CATS AND DOGS (그 강아지 그 고양이) is an indie Korean romantic-comedy directed by Min Byung-Woo (민병우). Tagged to be Korea’s and the worlds’ first feature length film shot entirely with an iPhone4s.  Hey, we’re all for the green initiative but how does that work in regards to movies and camera […]

Filmmaker Interview: “Azooma” Korean Film Director Lee Ji-seung

Interview by: Mut Asheru Korean indie film AZOOMA (공정사회) has had a nice run on the film festival circuit this year picking up awards along the way for Writer/Director Lee Ji-seung (이지승) and lead actress Jang Young-nam (장영남 one of our favorites) as her first leading role in a feature film. AZOOMA (click here to […]

Interview with Comedian Jay Chandrasekhar – Coming to Dallas, TX on June 25

Interview by: Jeff Sprick Since his debut with comedy troupe Broken Lizard, comedian Jay Chandrasekhar has gone on to write, act and direct in both film and television. Fans know him as “The Brown Clown” and as part creator of cult comedy hits like Super Troopers, Beerfest and Club Dread. In addition to his feature […]

DIFF 2013 Roundtable Interview: TOMLINSON HILL Producer Chris Tomlinson and Director Lisa Kaselak

By:  Gordon K. Smith Part of the Texas Competition at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival is TOMLINSON HILL, an incisive documentary about race and class in Marlin, Texas, about two hours outside of Dallas.  It’s the work of producer Chris Tomlinson, a white former AP Bureau Chief in East Africa, and director Lisa Kaselak, […]

DIFF 2013 Roundtable: Christian Sosa, Tyler Glodt, and Matt Albrecht discuss their zombie flick ‘Buck WildWILD (no relation to the MTV series)

By: Gordon K Smith Midnight movie screenings for the crazier stuff are now a staple of film festivals, and the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival is no exception.  One of this year’s Midnight Specials is BUCK WILD (no relation to the MTV series), which combines deerhunting, zombie outbreaks, psycho rednecks…and slapstick.    At a March roundtable […]

Filmmaker Interview: Director Norry Niven on his flim CHASING SHAKESPEARE featuring Danny Glover and Graham Greene

By: Gordon K. Smith CHASING SHAKESPEARE is a romantic drama with more than the usual quota of twists, even for a Romeo & Juliet tale – it concerns an African-American father (Danny Glover ) and a Shakespeare-obsessed Native American mother (Tantoo Cardinal) at the end of their time together, and flashes back to the early […]

VideoFest 25: Roundtable Day 2 – w/ makers of the film “The Playroom”

By Gordon K. Smith A film years in the making, as Hollywood ballyhoo artists used to love to proclaim, THE PLAYROOM is an intense family-dynamics drama set in the mid-’70s suburbia of boozy swingers and key parties. As parents Martin and Donna (John Hawkes and Molly Parker, both of Deadwood) confront some nasty truths downstairs, […]

VideoFest 25: Roundtable Day 1 – w/ Media Projects Inc

By Gordon K. Smith Allen and Cynthia Mondell have been making movies in Dallas since forming their own production company, Media Projects, Inc, in 1978. Not ones with zombies, explosions, and car chases, but something better – movies that make changes in the lives of people, so that people can make a difference in the […]

Filmmaker Interview: Michael Rapaport on his doc “Beats, Rhymes and Life, The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest”

 Michael Rapaport: The Quest Interview By: Le Le Symone Just like there is a difference between trendy ‘rap’ and intelligent ‘hip-hop,’ these is also a difference between average dudes on the mic spitting rhymes over loops and the thoughtful, even transcendent qualities unearthed when one encounters the four-man collective known as A Tribe Called Quest. […]

Filmmaker Interview: Actor / Writer / Director – Louis Mandylor

Interview By: Mut Asheru Louis Mandylor (actor/director/producer) is probably best known for his part as Nick Portokalos in the indie hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding but we’re sure you’ve caught him in dozens of other films and tv shows such as CSI Miami, CSI NY, Relic Hunter and Grace Under Fire to name few. […]