Book Review: Thriller, The Musical Life of Michael Jackson by Nelson George

the musical life of michae ljackson book coverThriller, The Musical Life of Michael Jackson

(Da Capo Press)
Author: Nelson George

Review By: Melody Charles


Whether you were a fan or not, you will never forget where you where, what you were doing and how it utterly paralyzed you when the news of Michael Jackson ‘s death hit the airwaves. No matter what happened in his personal life, one couldn’t help but marvel at his charisma and  supernatural ability to create hits decade after decade. It’s this magical quality that lauded music critic Nelson  George expounds on in “Thriller, The Musical Life of Michael Jackson.”

Many writers try to keep a sense of distance from the subject at hand, but it’s impossible for Mr. George to do, since he and Mr. Jackson were born a year apart and, since both grew up in poverty, he came to hang his  aspirations on the reality that Michael’s phenomenal success had become. Over the years, Mr. George had met members of the Jackson family, wrote of their triumphs and tribulations and luckily, had a front row seat to the evolving wonder that was Michael’s voice, from its sweet, pubescent beginnings to the rich, resonant tenor that became his trademark style.

This is what emcompasses the majority of the book: outlines of his seminal recordings, anecdotal background info about the journey and how his voice, as well as his perferectionist work ethic and undeniable talent,  shaped the entire music industry and a generation of performers  in the process. At the same time, Mr. George offers points about his own life and illustrates how, at times, they even ran parallel to Michael’s.

It should go without saying that, although the book is vividly written and offers fascinating glimpses into the mechination and politics of music as a whole, people who aren’t ride-or-die MJ fans will probably find its exhaustive analysis of his hits and qualities to be a bit much. But, for those who adored the entertainer and feel enriched by the legacy he left behind, Thriller…. Is a must-have and documents what truly matters —Michael Jackson’s unique artistry—for a world that will never see the likes of it again in this lifetime.

Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson

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