Book Review: Sci-fi novel “The Nephilim Brood” by Michael K. Paraiso

Nephilim_Brood_scifi-novel-book-reviewTitle: The Nephilim Brood
Author: Michael K. Paraiso

Book Review by: Ifakoya English

I have to admit that I am on a perpetual search for readable sci-fi. Sci-fi novels are difficult to write, and sometimes even more difficult to read. If done wrong they can be possibly the most boring, least interesting things ever created in the history of humankind. Throwing away the basic rules that even sci-fi has to follow (if only loosely) often means the immediate death of the novel before it’s even halfway finished. On the other hand, they can sometimes be far too complicated and thus impossible to follow. Luckily, The Nephilim Brood, written by Michael K. Paraiso takes the safe route and doesn’t make it too complicated, but is also not boringly simple.

The Nephilim Brood begins with your standard abduction plot but quickly changes into a story about survival on a new planet where humanity has split into two factions. The Pre-Neanderthal-like carnivores and the regular humans. It is an interesting tale with an equally interesting concept that doesn’t try to beat a message or thought into your head with a wooden club. It is a fun story, with a few attention grabbing twists and turns.

Where this novel shines is in the diversity of characters which Paraiso creates masterfully. They are all unique and entertaining and bring this novel to life where it could had been vapid and boring. With this diverse group of characters, The Nephilim Brood fulfills all the requirements of a fun and engaging novel.

The biggest weakness of the book is its lack of unpredictable elements, but that isn’t much of a weakness because “too much”…could have easily brought the book down fast and rendered it unreadable.

It’s is a good read. It doesn’t cross over into new territory…but a fantastic read none-the-less. We recommend.

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