Book Review: Meesha Mink’s – Get Money – A taut tale about the double-edged sword of revenge

Book Review by: Melody Charles
Publisher: Touchstone

Get Money book coverIn book 2 of Meesha Mink’s hard-hitting “Real Wifeys” series, Get Money, Harriet “Luscious” Jordan and Kaelya “Goldie” Dennis (the heroine of “On The Grind”) go from homegirls and business associates to betrayals and backstabbings in this taut tale about the double-edged sword of revenge.

As the acknowledged ‘wifey’ to the white-hot rapper Make$, Luscious leaves her lucrative pole position as a stripper to hold it down for one of New Jersey’s biggest hip-hop artists. The lavish life has both perks AND pains (such as his drugged-out homies, gossipy media and dealing with Make$’ mother and sisters, who make Keyshia Cole’s relatives look sane in comparison), but at least her anxiety about Make$ being on “P**** patrol” is eased somewhat by her former employer Goldie, who keeps an eye on her groupie-magnet boyfriend as she and other dancers are hired to join his stage act. But soon enough, Luscious discovers that he’s less than faithful (via a call from the doctor’s office) and when his less-than-professional alliance with Goldie is revealed, all bets are off as Luscious seduces her girl’s secret crush, blackmails her unfaithful ex and plots all the while for the big payback, unaware that the hole she’s digging for her one-time boss is widening to swallow her up as well.

Like her other urban tale novels, Get Money is chock-full of graphic violence, explicit sexcapades and characters that jump off the page and compel you to root for their come-up or plot for their demise. And if Luscious’ hard-scrabble beginnings and present problems aren’t enough, her high-siding parents, a dirty cop and a re-awakened childhood nightmare collide into the perfect storm and force her to side with the woman she trusts the least to save her own skin: “I never saw my enemy coming because my attention was locked on my own revenge. I was so ashamed that even in the face of danger I was ready to hand Goldie over to the bastard who tormented me. Even after knowing she saved my @$$ from those drug charges. Damen near got both of us killed. Revenge didn’t get me anywhere but damn near in my grave. I was young and still learning, but I would never forget the lesson of forgiveness.”

Compelling as a stand-alone but made fuller when read as part of the “Real Wifeys” set, Meesha Minks’ “Get Money” is another power-packed page-turner of a book and offers, like her other novels do, a glimpse into the streets and their inhabitants as they rise above them or fall prey to their seductive depths.

Real Wifeys: Get Money: An Urban Tale

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