Book Review: Lady Gaga Looking for Fame

 Lady Gaga Looking for Fame

(Omnibus Press, 192 pp)
By Paul Lester

Review By: T. Mathenia

Lady Gaga: Looking for Fame happens to be a very entertaining and informational biography of the human phenomenon that is Lady Gaga.  She seemed to come out of nowhere but as detailed in this well researched bio she spent a great deal of time and attention developing her craft and style.

The book is definitely ‘pro-Gaga’.  I got the sense that the author is a fan in that while he highlighted the relationships between her and those that helped make her he didn’t really go too deep.  That Rob Fusari topic is a burner that I would like to know about in detail.  Did she play the asshole as far as he’s concerned?  Paul Lester played Switerland on the subject but just the same I’m glad he was honest enough to include the relationship and its unanswered questions.

Looking for Fame sports some lovely color photos in the center of the book where by then you’re probably of a fan or at least very interested in her by page 33.  This book focuses more on the chronological aspects of her rise to fame.  When she started, where she performed, who she met, how she tweaked her style…etc.

At 192 pages, the book is a quick, intense read.

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