Book Review: “For Your Love” by Beverly Jenkins – Explosive secrets that resurrects old drama and new pain

For your love BJ book coverTitle: FOR YOUR LOVE
Author: Beverly Jenkins
295 of pages (William Morrow / HarperCollins)

“Cradling the shotgun, she bent down to get a look at him, and that’s when he rose up and crashed the pipe across her shoulder. She cried out and fell to her knees, dropping the gun. While she slumped, moaned in pain and clutched the injured arm, he scrambled to his feet and tossed the gun out of her reach. “Stay down,” he warned, breathing hard, filled with adrenaline and fear.” — excerpt from FOR YOUR LOVE

Review by: Melody Charles

A small historical Black town that’s nestled in the nation’s heartland, burgeoning with progress and chock-full of old and new citizens carrying explosive secrets that could rock it to the core. Beverly Jenkins’ sixth book in her contemporary fiction Blessings series, For Your Love, not only brings the regular characters up to speed, but adds a new pair to the population while bringing back a long-ago resident that resurrects old drama and new pain.

In her FOR YOUR LOVE installment, the town of Henry Adams—–bought in auction and revitalized by a newly-rich divorcee, Bernadine Brown, and a group of foster kids—– is on its way to becoming a jewel on the American landscape, thanks to sound fiscal management, new amenities and preservation of its historical roots. Trent July, the mayor of Henry Adams, spent his childhood years here and was raised lovingly by his grandmother, the still-fiesty Tamar July, but wonders about the mother he never met. He and his wife are also raising two foster sons, Devon and Amari, preteens that also struggle with fractured family ties. When Amari and Trent learn about their mothers, will the shocking news help them heal or doom the family?

Bobby and KiKi are new young parents: friends of Bernadine’s adopted daughter Crystal, they decide to leave behind the struggling existence in Dallas to change their luck in Henry Adams. The tatted-up former gang member and his hairdresser high school sweetheart are anxious about the change in climate, small-town living and whether or not they have the smarts and skills to fit in with everyone else.

Meanwhile, ancient rivalries and even the wrongdoings of a neighboring town’s evil mayor compromise Henry Adams in ways they couldn’t imagine. Will Bobby lose the chip on his shoulder, can Devon and Amari accept their imperfect pasts and can anyone stop the power-mad infestation right down the road, ready to consume them all?

Known best for her suspense novels and historical romances, Jenkins has proven herself to be a mesmerizing storyteller no matter what the genre. Even without spicy love scenes and galvanizing heroes and heroines, the town of Henry Adams and its eccentric citizens, along with the universal struggles they face, will charm the reader and make them rue the final page.


For Your Love: A Blessings Novel

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