2013 DIFF Animated Short Film Review: Irish Folk Furniture


Our favorite animated short hands down. IRISH FOLK FURNITURE by director Tony Donoghue, uses stop-motion animation to tell the tale of how old, used furniture is refurbished. The interesting thing here is the narration of the short. We get the valued history of the pieces from the owners and the restorer.

IRISH FOLK FURNITURE is a very clever short that’s totally engrossing and entertaining.

Director’s Statement

In rural Ireland old hand painted furniture is often associated with hard times, with poverty and with a time many would rather forget. Because of this association much of the country’s furniture heritage lies rotting in barns and sheds. With this film project we have tried to revive an interest in these fine pieces of furniture by uncovering many, renovating them and returning them to the homes they once inhabited.
“Recycling family items.”
Most of the furniture items in this film have a long and varied life with a local family.
The owners memories included some strange stories. In the 1960’s one lady cut the middle shelf out of her 100 year old dresser to give pride of place to her newly acquired television. When the television was eventually moved to its own table she also re instated the shelf  herself. Another farmer’s favourite goose lived for years in the bottom of his dresser. This ensured a supply of goose eggs right through the cold winter months when his neighbour’s geese had stopped laying. The chairs belonging to yet another family bore strange shaped markings to the back of all the top rails. These it turned out were the teeth marks of small children who had to kneel and say the rosary every evening before supper.


Tony Donoghue. Director.

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