The List: Things that Helped Us Through Jan 2013

This month was kind of chill. The weather and f’n flu outbreak did wreak havoc with our hairstyle and wardrobe choices but thankfully that was the worst of it. Thanks to the people and things on our below list we made it through with minimal F-Bomb dropage. 1. Korean Drama: Warrior Baek Dong Su – […]

The List: Hip-Hop Artists To Ride 4 In 2013

In no particular order. We came across these artists/movements whathave-you. Here at Knowshi we love to share what we find. So here goes.  A list of folks to hiphip-behold in 2013. The list is a living being thing so right now we start with the top 5 we’re feeling and we’ll go from there as […]


If you’re in Media/Marketing at a record label, publishing house, film studio or a publicist working for yourself or an agency, some of the hardest work you’ll ever do is garnering coverage for your artist. If you’re not sending e-mail blasts and calling editors and writers, you’re forwarding bios, samples/trailers and generally, doing everything possible […]

June 2011’s Top 5 Stuffs that Helped Us Make it Through the BS

Hello Mut ‘I Know What I’m Talkin Bout’ Asheru here with the hindsight June 2011 essentials. Its been a hectic month trying to rebuild what was lost when Unsigned The Magazine decided it was done.  I learned a lot editing that magazine for the past 5 years or so.  I loved it.  But it’s Knowshi.Com’s […]

Reel Crush: 10 Indie Films We Can’t Live W/O

We have a longer list but here’s the short and sweet of it.  We thought about it long and hard and decided to go with some films we saw last year that have really stuck with us.  The criteria?  We’ve watched them more than once and will gladly watch again.  Here they are in no […]