Alamo Drafthouse Richardson’s famed “Glass Half Full Taproom” has New Menu Items to enhance your movie viewing experience

Written by: Gordon K. Smith

If the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Richardson, Texas is the best thing to come to Dallas for serious film fans who want to experience fine dining during their flawless presentations, the next best thing is the co-joined bar Glass Half Full Taproom, which recently unveiled a new lunch menu of very tasty food items to go with their brews, which can be enjoyed anytime during the bar’s hours.

Director of operations Bryan Penley and Glass Half Full menu maestro Dusty Patek held the world premiere last week of new items that will forever change your concept of bar and theater food – Raisinettes and Junior Mints will be a distant memory.

Photo Credit: John ‘Doc’ Strange, Selig Polyscope Company

Photo Credit: John ‘Doc’ Strange, Selig Polyscope Company

The first thing we lucky film-turned-food-critics present tasted was my favorite, being a soup lover. The Tomato Basil and the French Onion are both made from scratch, and come in a bread bowl with a very nice pasta salad.   I preferred the tomato, not being a big French Onion fan (there are a few of us out there), and loved the unusually thick consistency.

There’s five salads, which can all be made into wraps if you prefer the hand-held salad thing – Beets & Oranges, Caesar, Chopped, Greek and Mexican.   Keep it veggie, or pick your own protein by adding Grilled Chicken, Steak or Tofu.

Photo Credit: John ‘Doc’ Strange, Selig Polyscope Company

Photo Credit: John ‘Doc’ Strange, Selig Polyscope Company

Four new sandwiches can be ordered whole or half with soup or a salad. The Meatball was my favorite, but if you like spicy (and I mean SPICY) go for the Sausage and Pepper Sandwich. The other are the Italian (Capicola, Salami and Prosciutto) and the Italian Grilled Cheese. They all come on an Amoroso roll and, you’re right, there is an Italian theme to all the new Glass Half Full menu items. That’s in part homage to Alamo Drafthouse Richardson head honcho Bill DiGitaeno, and what could be more Italian than a pizza called “The Godfather,” one of the ten pizza selections that also includes their most popular, the BBQ Chicken? There’s plenty of vegetarian pizza choices as well, like the Artichoke Spinach and the impressively named Brussels Sprouts, Smoked Bacon and Goat Cheese.   And these can all be transformed, Michael Bay-style, into Calzones.

You can purchase these items anytime of day, at Glass Half Full or in one of the Alamo theaters next door – just ask the server for the Glass Half Full menu. Likewise, if you’re in the Glass, and feel the urge for Alamo burgers or popcorn, ask for a theatre menu. Even more reasons to become an Alamo/Half Glass Full regular, as if the flawless film presentations weren’t enough!

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