Actor Ernie Hudson’s faith based film “Gallows Road” premieres at the 45th Annual USA Film Festival

Mary Jean Bentley, Ernie Hudson, and Bill McAdams, Jr.

Mary Jean Bentley, Hudson, unknown, Bill McAdams, Jr.

Ernie Hudson was on hand, along with cast and crew, in Dallas, TX on April 22 for the 45th Annual USA Film Festival where his faith based film GALLOWS ROAD made its world premiere.

The film starring Ernie Hudson and Kevin Sorbo (Frank) is a story of pain, anger and ultimately the salvation that comes with forgiveness.  Written and directed by Bill McAdams Jr., GALLOWS ROAD follows Hudson (Bob Collins) through the devastating loss of his family and his retreat from humanity. Will his anger and desire for revenge take over or will he learn to forgive? We can’t tell you now but we can tell you this… Hudson is again master and commander of his time on the screen.

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