FAQ for Knowshi.Com

Facts and Answers

Hey there our dear, wonderful, creative friends!  We get a lot of questions in our inbox and a lot of you seem to want to know the same things so we put together a nice little FAQ for ya.  Wanna hear it? Hear it goes…

Submission Instructions:

It’s easy. Send Movie Screeners, Books and CDs To:

Knowshi Magazine
PO Box 797687
Dallas, TX 75379

Bada Boom Bada Bing…told you it was simple. If you have online content for us to access please email us at reviews@knowshi.com.

Don’t forget to include contact info.  If you can swing it two cds in the press kit is ideal, cuz while the reviewer is listening to it for review purposes…the editor could be listening to their copy for possible feature consideration.  But hey it’s up to you.

How do I get into your mag?

Well being considered is easy as we listen to and read EVERYTHING that arrives in our mailbox.  We wouldn’t be much use to you as a resource for indie creative talent if we didn’t.  With that said.  In order to get in our magazine, you have to be good and we have to have the space.  In order to better serve our musical friends we’ve decided to up our number of reviews, but calm down because we’re only increasing them to about 8 a month and that’s for both our print and online issues.

FILMMAKERS, please include an EPK with your film submission. POETS, please include quality mp3s with your submission. PAINTERS, please include a disc of high res photos. FASHION DESIGNERS…same goes for you. ACTORS your bio and resume will suffice. Links to demo reels are always welcome.

Can I get a review in your publication?

Sure can, possibly.  Did you send us a kit with all your contact information?  Was the CD properly labeled and did you provide a track-listing? Or did your CD just show up in our box written all over with a black sharpie?…that’s not exactly cool.

We review as many CDs as resources allow, but not all CDs will be reviewed, due to large submission volumes.

I sent you my CD, have you received it yet?

The best way is to email reviews@knowshi.com and ask.

You interviewed me last month, when are you going to post it?

We work on a 1-2 month lead depending on resources.  That means issues are planned out 1-2 months in advance.  So if we interview you, it is for some time into the future unless otherwise specified in interview communications.

Every professional publication has a lead time that they work with.  So that’s a good thing to know when you’re planning your PR campaign, not only should you know who you want to submit stuff to but you should also know their schedule so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Can we email you our EPK?

Sure, but only if it’s fully downloadable.  Tracks, trailers, press notes, high res photos, bio and all.  Some of us have hemorrhoid issues and detest sitting in front of a computer all day as it causes the ol condition to flare up.  And yes, it is always polite to ask which method we prefer.

Check us/them out on their myspace/reverbnation/facebook page…etc

(sigh) Social network sites are used only as a gauge to see if we interested in learning more.  This cannot be the kit you send.  2-3 songs is not enough for us to gauge whether or not we can do a full feature on the artist. For that we need a full album.  We have to make sure artists are capable or producing more than 2 or 3 singles.  We ask for complete albums and EPs because we need to see the complete vision/concept.  Can they hold it together from beginning to end?

Do you cover just unsigned artists? What about those signed to major, major indie and minor indie labels?

We cover all ranges of indie talent both signed and unsigned.  Majors have a little more struggle getting into the mag, not only because they have a problem most times with actually getting the artist to call at the appointed time, but because an artist signed to a major label still has to show and prove that they have something unique, fresh and exciting to offer.

What genres do you cover?

We are not genre specific.  But we do look for quality.  With that said, the invitation is open.  Please stop by the site and take a look.  We’re looking for more spoken word artists and visual artists to feature.

What is our definition of Independent?

If you’ve got something to say and you insist on doing it your way, then you’re what we’re looking for.

Do you review singles?


Do you review EPs?

If it contains 3 songs or less…No.

Also, please make sure you include your contact info…I can’t tell you how many times Iwe’ve put on a CD while cleaning, cooking or doing our thangy thang to find that we like it, but when we try to find a way to contact the artist there is none.  That sucks. Don’t suck.