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Hello! 안녕하세요! and こんにちは!

You’ve reached Knowshi.Com a Dallas, TX based online magazine. We listen to music, watch films and read books and then review them. We interview the people involved with the works we love and feature them here. We cover art, music, fashion, film and anything else we want. Don’t try to pigeon-hole us. We’re all over the place…as our content shows.

Here at Knowshi we like to cover newly formed and long-burning stars… and the creative talented folks behind that shine.

A lot of our content is dedicated to emerging artists and professionals in these arenas. Sometimes we snag major talent. We specialize in the who and what you should know in music, film and the arts. We know our shi% so you can too.

Please view our FAQ page for submission instructions. To be considered for future issues please email our reviews dept and your email will be routed appropriately.

We are looking for quality writers with a love for all things independent and sometimes major. Please email our editor Mut Asheru to get that particular conversation started. She won’t bite.

Thanks for reading and stay creative.


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Carolina Jones“Where’s the light switch?”

Skeeta Diggs“When’s payday in this mickificki?”

Corbyn Bricie“All pomp and no circumstance.”

T. Mathenia“I laugh at deadlines.”

Ifakoya English – “Sometimes I write slow; sometimes I write quick”

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LeLe Symone, Melody Charles, Gordon K. Smith, C.J. Wheeler, Bill Graham

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Ifakoya English

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Ruby Torres

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