Music Talks Education Center: Know Your Fan Base

In addition to writing, recording and producing the best music you can create, understanding your fan base and the strategies involved in getting your music to them are equally important tasks. During a recent consultation the discussion of finding ones fans came up. I suggested that finding them was not the primary problem; instead, identifying […]

Music Talks Education Center: What’s Credit Got to do with It?

Credit scores, debt, credit, FICO scores, assets and liabilities–what does it all mean? Simple, if you don’t have a good deal of knowledge on these subjects, you will never be able to live a comfortable financial life style. Understanding your credit and how to manage it are important elements of entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. The […]

Music Talks Education Center: Of Equal Minds

Hello Everyone! Through Music Talks I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with many artist. During the sessions I’ve asked a few basic questions like, what’s going on in your career at the moment, what do you like and dislike about the music industry and what is frustrating you most in your career! I’ve gotten so […]


By: Mut “I Know What I’m Talkin Bout” Asheru Ah, dear, sweet and lovely artists here’s a great tool to help you keep up with the marketing/pr/gig booking aspect of your business.  The concept of the electronic epk is not new.  Companies allowing bands to put together a workable kit on their servers is nothing […]

Music Talks Education Center: When Singing in Key and On Time is not Enough, Part 1

Singing in key and on time is not enough!… getting a great vocal performance… Singing in key and on time is not enough! I’ve been in the studio working with my oldest son. He’s 19, an aspiring artist and a wonderful lyricist. He’s writing socially conscious lyrics filled with graphic imagery. Lyrics are his strong […]

Music Talks Education Center: Anatomy of a Heart and Soul Song

What are some of the primary components involved in writing a song that will mentally and emotionally connect the listener, motivating them to purchase your music?  Well, it begins with the song, not a slick production and certainly not today’s cool affordable recording technology, software and gear.  Just the basic song and then surround yourself […]