By: Mut “I Know What I’m Talkin Bout” Asheru

Ah, dear, sweet and lovely artists here’s a great tool to help you keep up with the marketing/pr/gig booking aspect of your business.  The concept of the electronic epk is not new.  Companies allowing bands to put together a workable kit on their servers is nothing new as well.  Enter Guguchu. With this program you get the ease of putting together a stellar epk kit that painlessly allows you to gather critical market data.

The obvious plus to Unsigned is the fact that artist can actually track their kit activity.  No more asking…”did you get it?”, “have you looked at it?”…etc. Providing valuable market research bands will have the ability to see how much time someone spent with your kit and what they looked at you can actually create and build a more target campaign.

With their database of over 16,000 venues across the United States (for show booking purposes) the band / artist will be able to track who has opened their kit and what was viewed when they opened it. You will also have built-in  newsletter and press-kit building capabilities.  You got merch? Guguchu has an online store where artists can sell their wears and sounds.

Last but not least we all know good social media skills is key to your marketing and promoting efforts and the good folks at Guguchu have incorporated social media capabilities into the kit.  Artists can manage their Myspace, Facebook and Twitter accounts from one convenient location.

The interface of the kit is clean and simple.  The technology is very intuitive and customizable.  They have helpful tutorial videos should you need any additional information on just how to work your kit.

Co-founder Bernd Strenitz says that the company has even more tools in the works that will only make this platform better.  Get in on this beta action as right now it’s a free service.

Visit our Website at: www.guguchu.com

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